Kid Dinosaur

Prehistoric Waterbeast

This is Kid Dinosaur's second release. This 4 track EP is the last from the band as a five-piece. Featuring a dynamic range of emotion and tonality, this is a powerful 4 track. 


Kid Dinosaur

Intergalactic Sabertooth Tiger

Kid Dinosaur's debut album, this full-length features upbeat, sonically diverse tracks from this interesting Indie Rock five-piece. Features New Mexico Music Award-winning track "Espalier"


Good As Dead

Safe Harbor

The final album from the ABQ-native Alt-rockers, this full-length features a powerful, raw tone built with hints of Jazz, Classic Rock and Modern Rock. 


Good As Dead

Learn to Swim

Good as Dead's sophmore album, Learn to Swim is a ful-length featuring a powerful, driving, raw sound. Winner of Best of the Year, Best Adult Contemporary and Best Rock song at the New Mexico Music Awards. 


Good As Dead

A Light in the Dark

Good as Dead's debut effort, a Light in the Dark has a raw, pop-punk sound.